Pencils and Hugs

Often as I am shuffling children, books, papers, pencils, and let’s not forget trying to find pencils with actual erasers that haven’t been already rubbed off completely ….whew…that sentence was ridiculously out of sorts…as I often am when attempting to do it all at once…

As I began… I am often doing all these good things, yet I find myself becoming the drill sergeant of our daily doings.

I too easily forget why we chose to Home educate. I to quickly become an assembly line of …”you do this!”, “stop doing that!”, “What on earth are you doing?”, and my all time favorite “Get out of the refrigerator, we are doing school!”

I truly saw God’s hand in our decision to Home Educate. With all my heart I knew it was my purpose to raise up our children in a Christ centered home. We were to disciple and teach the children God had given us.

Too quickly I become self-centered, frustrated, and complacent. Our schooling becomes a battlefield of them vs. me. This was not the original plan.Somewhere along the line it became distorted.

I have wonderful children. They are obedient and helpful, but they are still just children. Learning and growing. Developing in character and knowledge.

I remind myself I am also still growing in many ways also and we all need grace. I am so grateful for that.

The Verdict: Pencils and books are very important, but hugs and gentle words are imperative.

Image result for a gentle answer

I am challenging myself this year to grow in love, gentleness, kindness and self-control in my relationship with my children. To hug my kids more often. To remind them how much I love and appreciate them. Encourage them to be who the Lord wants them to be.

My challenge is that each time I see a pencil in our home I will be reminded of my commitment to my God and to my children. To love, disciple and to discipline with love and self-control.

I will have many reminders daily, for we have many pencils in our home….many is quite honestly an understatement.


















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