An Old Cottage…New Lessons…

I was a bit nostalgic today. I found my afternoon thinking back to the old church camp meetings I used to attend with my Grandparents. My Grandfather and Grandmother traveled the states, the globe really and lended a hand to leaded choirs and spreading the Word of Christ through music and preaching.


We would stay in old cottages with no air conditioning, mosquitos and showers where one would stand on a wooden . Very little of it sounded attractive , but the memories of it all seems so delightful. People would spend weeks at a time in their summer camped out in old cottages or tents just to hear the Word of God every day and fellowship with other believers as they ate and talked.

I was listening to BBN today on the radio and although it’s not my favorite music, the memories that it brings and joy I find in it makes it lovely.

At age 34, I feel as though I watch the world go by at such a fast pace, I find refuge in the old ways of our world. The times where often we didn’t questions God’s Word like we do today. People were quicker to believe what God said was true, rather than today we assume that what we think is correct.

People of today look at hymns and the Old ways of the church as ignorance at times.

Judging music by its likabilty rather than what it might teach us….

Those old tents and cottages taught me many lessons.

In the old outside open air church, I find myself remembering a fresh love for Christ.

A patient heart and a desire to just be a part of God’s people and to see him at work.

I like afternoons like this=)