The Wheels On The Bus…

School begins in our county tomorrow. Many first day of pictures will be taken…buses will be driving down the road..parents move back into their fall schedule…

So as the wheels on the bus go round and round, so do the seasons. So here we go once again and parents are purchasing notebooks, pencils, markers, zip locks…etc…

I realize..that being that this is a year long process for us…I am discovering how much I enjoy school time.


We always seem to have uncountable amount of school supplies

in our school drawers and extras for (just in case) moments when

we need a new school items.

Going into our second solid year of homeschooling I realize that I have become what you might call a bit of a “crazy for school” kind of mom.

The school supply isle in the stores gets me all giddy and I can help but to smell the paper and hold the new boxes of crayons. It’s sort of an addiction…

We’ve added some new subjects this year…History of America and Second grade science and an Art Class to our already full platter of subjects.

When our new curriculum came 3 months ago…it was like Christmas.

We were opening the boxes and the boys were so excited to see what had come for them.

My 4 year old was thrilled to find an ant hill, butterfly garden and Cuisenaire rods and activity book were a part of his learning curriculum.

My 7 year old found the History curriculum he’s begged for and the Art book had him really smiling.

His read aloud books were many,including Squanto, On the Banks Of Plum Creek, and an awesome American Pioneer book, and so many more great books.

I guess you could say..the excitement for school supplies and curriculum in our home is quite contagious.

So as we continue our year round process, we wish you a wonderful day back to school.

Happy Schooling Everyone,


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