Tales From Inside My Heart…

So many tales from inside of my heart remain filed away, hidden from plain sight. Yet my God brings them forth…stories I have yet to hear, only God knows their beginnings and ends…and in-betweens…

He knows what inside my heart, my mind and soul.

My Father…

I have struggled for so long…allowing God to be my Father…

to care for me…discipline me..teaching lessons with reproof, love and grace…designed to strengthen and protect me…

To allow Him to love me unconditionally…what’s that? Are you kidding me?

Without condition? Without anything in return He would love me? Really? He loved me before I was made…? What’s the catch?

I had to ask His forgiveness. I had put Him in a human box. Treating Him like he was a man. Like another person, just a person. Someone we try to please, in hopes of their approval and affirmation. I have feared His rejection without even realizing it…till now.

I wasn’t treating Him like the immense God and Father that He is.

I realized I couldn’t understand “unconditional” and feared even the loss of God’s love for me, as I would a loved one here on earth…

His love is not like our love…It’s greater, so unfathomable…it’s forgiving…completely…forgiving…

My Father…shows great love…constantly…without end…for His creation…

I am learning, discovering daily, and trusting HIm.

His strong hands that carry me, like a

Father carries His sleeping child and tucks them peacefully into their secure and familiar bed.

He carries us with His unconditional love wrapped around us.

His arms protect us and desire to love us, and us to love Him.

Without condition…we can trust…His love…


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