The Fog Is Lifting…

I’m slowing being restored, my broken pieces are being placed in their rightful place.

I have peeked through the fog, and am now passing through it.

I am ready for it to be behind me and not look back.

I’m ready for all the color of life, the dark and smudged portions of my portrait to be clear and bright.

Image Detail

Although these times that try the soul are unwelcome, the thankfulness and appreciation for life it does provide. We can see past the time stealers of lesser value and focus of the true meaning of our existence.

The Lord is good and His love endures forever!




3 thoughts on “The Fog Is Lifting…

  1. I’m so glad that fog is lifting for you. I am very familiar with that fog although thankfully the times between that fog are becoming longer and longer and the times spent in fog are shorter and shorter. I read your earlier post and meant to comment then but somehow didn’t get it done. But I have been praying for you.

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