Asking For Direction…

Fear clenches tightly to us when we allow it. Think of walking down streets you are unfamiliar with, looking for signs….where do I go?

Instead of being disoriented and lost without clear directions or a map ,we can know clearly which path to take if we stop long enough to ask.

Asking is the most important task…Asking the Lord…asking for His direction..His Peace and Strength…

Asking that He remind us to think of others who’ve made wrong turns, or who’ve gotten lost on streets nearby. To help those who are in need and to pray for those whom He brings to mind.  We all need direction…support….prayer…

The sign at the path I want to walk on say’s “Faith, Hope, and Love”.

All Doubt and Fear are unwelcome on this path…It won’t find me here….

Image Detail

When we begin to open our eyes to the Joy before us, and the God holding us, what’s behind us doesn’t seem as frightening anymore.

If we just let the Lord map out our plan…our life…our control will not take us in a wrong direction…He will maintain us, uphold us and guide us through the life He has made for us. Just Let Go….Just Let Him walk you through every step…


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