Cars, Monster Trucks and Strawberry Shortcake?

What a plan I had…really I did! It was a good plan…to take my 3 boys age 7, 4 and 2 shopping for two little friends birthday gifts….girl…friends…

So we buckled up and drove off to find some “girly gifts”.

We don’t shop frequently for unnecessary items…but of course that doesn’t end the ever-present desire for “I want this Mommy”, I wish I could have that Mommy!

I gave my speech on the way to the store…the typical one and also the speech I give when we are on our way to shop for someone…other then us…

“Boys…now listen up…we are going to look for some birthday gifts for our friends…we are not to ask for anything for ourselves…nor do we touch anything..and keep your voices quiet…People are trying to shop calmly…Do you hear me?”‘

“Yes Ma’am”…responded my two oldest, and a mild grunt from my 2-year-old…

Upon arrival we all latched hands and walked into the store. The first 5 minutes were relatively successful…but the last 10 a bit of a struggle….

“Mommy look at these monster trucks. We could buy some for our friends birthday! ” replied my 4-year-old.

“Sweetie we are buying gifts for girls, I don’t think monster trucks are want they’ll want.”

Mommy! Look at that car! We could get some for our friends…and us…it would be nice for everyone!”

I stood there thinking” Oh my word…what have I gotten myself into?

Look at this pony…what about strawberry shortcake?Image Detail

My boys have no idea what to buy for a girl…all their ideas don’t apply…way to go mom!”

Then we moved to the gift bags…I asked them to pick a special one for each of their friends…as I was walking down the aisle I realized my two year old had grasped onto a handful of balloons that were blown up and of hanging with strings from the ceiling.

Explaining to a two year old that “No, in fact we cannot buy the balloons even if they make you happy and smiley!”, was not the easiest of arguments to win, but I persevered and we moved on.

While trying to find the perfect gift bag…we seemed to have become entangled in a bit of a balloon mess…I think the clerks thought that the circus had come to town and was shopping in their store.

As we were walking I spotted the detergent isle..I needed clothing detergent…I suddenly heard my 7-year-old say “Mommy, why are you buying something for yourself?” Remember? We’re not buying things for ourselves today.

Are you kidding me…I thought!

He truly thought it was for me…How funny! I had to explain…”Do you know what this is? It’s to wash our clothes…all of our clothes, for our whole family.” “Oh,  sorry Mommy, I didn’t realize”.

So, regardless of the craziness of our small shopping trip , the boys were very well-behaved (Thank the Lord), it was just too much decision-making for one mom and 3 boys to handle.

Although I am now exhausted from this hilarious and hair brained idea of a morning… I wouldn’t take it back.

These are the things that make motherhood so memorable, living in our own little storybook of a life perhaps.

As my 7-year-old said to me the other day ” Mommy, every good story has bumps along the way.” He sure was right.

Attempts at teaching generously and sharing may seem never ending and difficult…but quite frankly I’m still learning too. The more we give, the more we want to give. Giving is better than receiving.  I want to teach that all year round, not just at Christmas. To see someones face light up and spread cheer into their life somehow is priceless. To know that someones heart was made happy from a small gesture of kindness…that’s awesome.

Overall, our trip was successful and gifts were bought. We came home and filled the gift bags and are excited to give what we picked out for our special friends.

So whether your shopping with your kids for Cars, Monster trucks or strawberry shortcake…you can be sure to make memories…and learn some lessons along the way. I’m certain of it!


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