Sowing Seeds…Growing Beauty…

The time has come again…the time of sowing seeds…put deep in the soil…watered and fed…ready to stretch up high out of the dark dirt and become something.

Our Garden has been a process of thought. Picking and choosing the right seeds, so many types of tomatos…peppers…so many vegetables…so many choices…our family has enjoyed this time of learning and planting…readying our seeds as they germinate indoors…then to be transferred to grow big and tall in our garden…

Our strawberries were planted last year in the beautifully constructed raised beds made by my husbands hands. He concerns himself with perfect dimensions and the look of rightness all around.

After Summer was over and our strawberries had exhausted their growing effort, straw was laid over top to provide protection and preparation for the following summer to come.

Without a single hand put to work, just this week…strawberry plants have been rising from their bed of dirt and blanket of straw.

Once uncovered, the beauty of green leaves ready to take on the Seasons of Spring and Summer and its hot sun have begun the growth that within a few weeks will have little fingers picking the fruits of their labor.

And from those little fingers to the mouths of little children that will cherish the sweet scent and taste of homegrown strawberries. Excitement fills the air when the food is ready to pick.

I, like the strawberries in our garden, am grasping to the sky, desperate for growth and desiring to become something beautiful!

Spring is  here…the grass is greener, the season is warm…and sweet…refreshing…some showers watering the earth…

I want refreshing…I want to continue to grow daily in the Lord…to become something beautiful…to make Him proud of His creation. To be planted deep in the Word of God like the seeds in the soil…to be ready to sprout at a moments notice…like a plant readying itself for it’s season.

To reach up out of the dark…through the struggles that attempt to cover us and be bright and beautiful in His eyes…to grow…to be new…with every breath  I breathe…

I want the seeds that the Lord has planted in my heart over a lifetime to grow and desire to be and know more through Him.


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