A Full Plate…

A rush of excitement…the joy of
service…the pleasure of creativity…the satisfaction of a completed task…a job well done…I so enjoy these feelings and stirs of emotion that I receive when a opportunity arrises that I

may use my gifts for the Lord . Although fulfillment comes from these times, I find myself realizing I’m overcommiting myself beyond my capability or calendar.

As a Stay at home Mother and Homeschooling parent it is easy to over commit very quickly. It seems that since I am at home most of the time that it should be possible to do many other things. My heart jumps for joy when I get the chance to help out in a creative fashion, or offer my time in some helpful way. I find myself creating projects for myself to do when really the time isn’t available, I just desire to do them. Unfortunately, that’s when the truly important areas of focus start to blur and I discover I’m not super woman. It isn’t possible or practical to pile on more projects or commitments than humanly possible. Not only that, my home and family suffer when my heart isn’t beating in their direction and my brain waves are all over the map.

What I have come to realize in the past few weeks is the my life had become similar to a buffet line…

A large plate…so many wonderful food choices…so hard to choose….so I end up filling my plate completely and half way through eating my meal I discover the challenge is far more than I can conquer. My eyes were far larger than my stomach…

As it goes with my life…I see a chance to do something…too many somethings…And what comes with that is that everything gets half done…and possibly with an exhausted and frustrated attitude…

What kind of lesson am I teaching my boys if I can’t handle my daily schedule and those extras I add into it? I want them to learn how to make good choices and base those choices on what is being done for the Lord, and not what is for self.

Do you ever find yourself running back and forth between commitments on fast forward.

It’s difficult for one’s heart to find an established place in a life that is full of filler … things..activity and motion that provide nothing more than busyness and a tiresome mind.
Take time to weed the garden of your mind. Establish what you can and can’t do…and abide by the guidelines which you have prepared for decision making. Boundaries are healthy in life as a whole.

Pray that the Lord will make clear what he has created you to do and that He will make known the tasks that He has called you to.

Rest in the thought that your plate can be cleaned completely if need be…there are those times that a clean empty plate may be necessary.

I’m looking forward to spending time in the areas I’ve been called to and wait on the Lord’s direction so that I know where to follow Him with each step I take.

No more over flowing and impossible to finish plate for me. If it’s what the Lord commands of me, it won’t be impossible. If it’s not His plan for me, it won’t be on my plate. I pray He will teach me to commit only to what He wants for me and this life He’s created.


One thought on “A Full Plate…

  1. I love this post. It’s so true and I know how easy it is to way overcommit. These last few weeks have been so incredibly full of good things but there is no way I could keep this schedule up for long. Next week looks like it’s going to be quieter and I’m grateful.

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