Primitive Grubby Cake Candles!

Saturday while my husband was at a meeting, me and my wonderful batch of craft loving kiddos got to work on a fun project.

I found this project on a website I would highly recommend

to craft making ladies! Great ideas are found here!

On the Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night…her candles came out perfectly lovely. They remained the sweet shape of a votive, where as mine turned into what looked like a rounder shaped ball cake candle.

This was my first try…so my grubby primitive candles had my husband reaching for what he thought was a delicious muffin when walk in the door..”sorry dear”!

Maybe next time they will resemble the candle it was meant to be originally!

Anyway…here was what we did…and you can do it too! It’s not terribly hard and the outcome was quite rewarding.

First you will need some inexpensive votive candles…I purchased mine at Wal-Mart…

Then…I used a small pillar candle…also bought at Wal-mart…I picked yummy scents of Vanilla Cookie…Cinnamon…Hazulnut…and other warm and inviting aromas.

You will then need an old saucepan …and a large pot of sorts.I filled the larger pot with about 3 cups of water then placed the saucepan inside the pot with the water…a make shift double boiler if you will…

Once your items are’s time to begin…. 

Place the pillar candle in the saucepan and turn temperature on high to get the water boiling.

If the water is boiling to rapidly, turn down the temp a little but continue to watch as the wax melts

Once the wax is melted, pour it carefully into a aluminum pie pan.

Let it sit for a few minutes until the wax begins to harden a little.

Once it’s tolerable to touch, pick up one of your white votive

candles and begin packing the wax around it. You will begin to see that the cake candle look with begin to appear!

Continue with each candle until you achieve to desired look and texture. After the candles were formed I placed them on foil to cool. Just for fun I sprinkled a dusting of cinnamon on the top. I love the way it looked, now I just hope it will burn nicely with the candle!

I was able to make 5 candles with the wax of the 1 small pillar candle.

Great Success!

I will making more of these and am so excited at trying new ideas involving candle making.

I wish you the best as you attempt this fun and easy project!


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