Unexpected Friends…

Today we rounded out a week of sickness with in home fun and crafts. It was a refreshing day

of relaxing and so enjoyable being able to stay home as everyone recuperated.

I spent the afternoon (by request of 3 very sweet little boys) making some felt friends

for them to hold in their little hands.

I thankfully had a load of leftover felt from making Christmas ornaments, so I took on the challenge.


First, my 4-year-old loved the Wise Old Owl.

He took ownership immediately.

The brothers (as I like to call them) insisted that owl needed friends, and so did they!




So from that was born what my 7-year-old took….









He swiftly began playing together with the Wise Old Owl.

Of course our 2-year-old just had to enter the world

of little felt friends…

so along came..Mr Froggy!


I used felt I already had, and stuffed the little animals with felt scraps and

plastic grocery bags.

We had a lot of fun growing our family of animal friends today!



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