“Love Talk”

After 11 years of marriage to my College sweetheart I find although I love him dearly and deeply, I struggle to show it the way I should.

I am talking about loving my husband unconditionally…taking the time to figure out what his needs are…paying attention to what his needs are. Loving him even if his mood isn’t as kind as I like…or I’m not getting the attention I want…I could go on and on…I feel as though those sorts of conditions are selfish…and we often wallow in our self absorption…and quite frankly can endanger a marriage and ruin one.

We take this specific day,one day a year February 14 is Valentine’s Day. We give chocolate…valentines…flowers..etc..

The question I have is….is that really how to show love (particularly to our spouses) or should we find

a way to daily express the love we have for them..It is so important to celebrate and be reminded of the love that God is and that he wants us to show through word and deed. So often we miss out on the whole picture and our frame is cracked and hanging crooked on the wall.

It’s like eating only the crust of your bread and leaving the best part on your plate, and then you’re unsatisfied and moody and weak with hunger, We’re completely missing the best part of what love is.

I believe praying for your husband is the key….God already knows the cracks and smudged up spots in your marriage..he doesn’t want us to rehash them daily.

What I do believe we need to do is lift our husbands up in prayer daily. Ask the Lord to strengthen your spouse….to give them unconditional love for you…to guard their hearts against temptation and pray that the Lord will armor you with unconditional love for your husband.and that you also are not easily swayed in directions that could cause hurt and damage to your marriage.

Humans thrive on “Love Talk”…T.V…Movies…Movie Stars…although all these things seem to prompt or create a sweet emotion in our hearts, it’s often not what we are in need of in our relationships.

So often those things we look to fade quickly and are gone in an instant.

The marriages of “in love” movie stars last long enough for the next months magazine to come out and write about their “ugly divorce”. Somehow we are shocked that these marriages don’t last…”But they looked so in love”…right?

I believe Love is a choice and a feeling both. You must build trust…respect…honor..

Pray for your spouse daily….pray together…pray that God will fill in your blanks where needed and teach you to love unconditionally.

Those wonderful feelings are fleeting if the foundation isn’t built to weather the storms that life can bring. Make sure your not just eating the crust of your bread, but enjoying the fullness and goodness of the entire piece. God designed love as a beautiful thing….we must discover his purpose and plans for us in our marriages so that they be successful and full.

Today I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.I hope your heart and mind are prayerful today as you celebrate the love that you have been gifted in your marriage. May your day be filled with “fluttering hearts and warm fuzzy moments”, but most importantly prayer.


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