No Sew Curtains…

I wanted to share with you an idea that became a solution to a problem that I had.

When we purchased our new home I was in need of curtains for some very large windows.

Our bedroom windows are 6 feet across and 3 feet high.

I wasn’t about to purchase store bought curtains that I wasn’t

happy with, nor was I prepared to pay out a large sum to have

curtains specially made.

I began brainstorming, and here was the outcome.

I went to Target and purchased 4 long rectangular tablecloths (2 for each window). The tablecloths were $15.00 a piece.

They were already hemmed so there was no need for sewing.

I took them home and laid them out on the floor. I pinned the ends of the tablecloths together and then folder the whole connected tablecloth like a paper fan (remember that from childhood)?

I had also purchased 3 set (2 in each set) of swag holders from the Terry’s Village catalog.

Each set was $9.99 for a set of 2.

As you can see in the photo I hung 3 swag holders, the pinned portion is covered by the swag holder so it remains unseen.

I spent more time just readjusting the curtains to ensure that I achieved the look I was going for.

Here’s the Math

4 tablecloths ($15.00 a piece) $ 60.00

3 sets (2 pieces per set) swag holders $9.99 x 3 =$ 30.00

So…(drum roll please) ………..$45.00 per window…and $90.00 total…

Not to bad on a small budget and very large windows to dress.

I hope that this inspires you to use items in other ways then they were made for.

You might already have things in your home that you can use for a need you have elsewhere in your home.

Happy Homemaking!


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