Prepare a Warm Welcome…

Before guests come, the floor is vacuumed, house dusted, the bathrooms cleaned, and the random household items and piles laying about are picked up and removed from sight. I love to prepare for special guests to come to our home. I want it to be a nice experience.

As I think on this I am reminded of something often forgotten.

Our families.

Do we keep our homes prepared nicely for our children to enjoy? Fresh clean sheets to sleep on?

An orderly home with low visible mess?

Do we put as much effort in our home for our families as we do for those special guests?

Are we teaching our children through our actions the importance of taking care of what we have, being a good steward daily of the things we’ve been blessed with?

Do we get excited about the moment our  husbands walk through the door at the end of a

very long day?

Will he feel welcomed into a warm environment?

Are things picked up?

Do they walk into a comfortable and clean home?
I ask you these questions because I ask them of myself.

Why is it so important to prepare and give our greatest for others when the ones we love the most

get the crumbs?

I feel it is so important to show our family that we love and appreciate them with gifts of service.

Letting them know that they are worth it.

Are your families getting your leftovers? Are you trying to give to others in service (which is fantastic), but leaving your family in the dust? Let’s not forget that the everyday things in our lives matter more than we know.


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