Almost Gone…

I wanted to address something so close to so many people’s hearts.
This week my 7 month old niece stopped breathing for a few minutes. My Brother and his wife sprung into action beautifully and handled the situation with more composure than I could ever imagine.
We are so thankful that after many tests and monitoring by the doctors she will be coming home today. We give the Lord all the credit for the healing that has transpired.
What I am thinking about today though are those parents whose children don’t come home. My heart breaks for you and I pray that the Lord touches your life with peace.
I wanted to share this song that I feel is very appropriate for those whom have lived this very thing.
Blessings to you all…


One thought on “Almost Gone…

  1. It’s hard to think about. When Will was little, he suffered from asthma attacks that landed him in the ER weekly. When we’d bring him home, I’d hug him tighter he time. But I did think about the parents who were not awarded with the same luxury.

    I’m joining you in prayer today as well! Great song choice too!

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