The Matter of Manners

If we look back decades to the times when people dressed in

their best clothing to partake of the evening meal, the footman

served the food and the maids cleaned up afterward.

Although we don’t have butlers, maids, or anyone to care for

those responsibilities, back then you’ll find that certain

table manners and words of respect were far more

important to people then they re today regardless of who was

serving for the sake of propriety.

I think of our family. We tend

to make our way to the kitchen

in our pajamas for breakfast.

That was unheard of not that

long ago.

Our world has changed in

more ways than we realize.

Yet over a period of time,

slowly and gradually we have become a world a people who

like comfort ,and manners have slowly dissipated.

I certainly wouldn’t look forward to dressing in a corset

and beautiful gown and high heals just so I can serve my

family meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Our culture has changed tremendously over the years.

Look back to the 1950’s. Woman in dresses, preparing the

evening meal, readying for the man of the house to make his

appearance. I think it’s good preparation if I can get out of

my workout clothing.

Although fancy dinners and a perfect table settings

we see as important years ago, the manners I am most

concerned with are those of this generation and generations

to come.

Parents have become much more lax in their expectations

of not only table manners, but in the way we allow our

children to speak to us and other people.

Very seldom do we hear a “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir” to an elder

from a child .

Are we as parents lacking in our ability to teach by action

and words how to respect other people and other things.

Are we living it out?

Do you thank waitresses, store clerks,the bag boy at the grocery


Although they are being paid, they are serving you and your

family. I believe need to think more on these things.

Not only are you providing encouragement to

others in your words and actions, but your children see it’s

important to you and they admire you and want to do the


Although we as a family are relaxed in some areas of manners

one thing is for certain, we don’t tolerate disrespect in any form.

I think manners are linked to how we live in every way.

In the way we act, speak and what our responses to others

might be. I think there really is something to table manners,

opening doors for a lady, speaking with appreciation,

not interrupting others, offering to carry an older womans

groceries, and so many more ways we can use good manners.

The matter of manners is an important topic. I think we should

each be challenged by it and teach our children the importance of it.

I think you would see a large decrease in rudeness in our schools, stores, restaurants, and in our homes.

We will never be a society that reveres manners as it once did,

but at least we can create a little more kindness in the world by attempting to show that good manners are important to us.





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