Is Your Head Stuck In The Sand?

This past week sunshine and warmth made a surprise visit to our town. It was a beautiful day and I was intent on taking complete advantage of that.

We all took ourselves out into the kind weather and enjoyed it’s lovely visit. It was a great opportunity to forgo our regular school studies and attack some fun “physical education”.

The boys made their way to the swings and sandbox area, while I pulled up a chair and did my devotions on the back porch.

Their squeals and excitement echoed all around. It was so nice not to have to repeat my mommy words “Use your inside voices, shhhhhhh…..”

After a bit I made my way over to the sandbox. The boys had kicked off their shoes and pulled off their socks and were enjoying the sand between their toes.

Okay…yes I’s still January no matter how warm….but still…67 degrees and beautiful…it was a perfect moment to enjoy themselves…

At that moment I had a thought…

Everyday we have a choice to make…

We can choose either to put our feet in the sand and enjoy the day…or we can stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich and try to tune out the world and hide.

Believe me, I have stuck my head in the sand more days than I can count.

Especially the days that I feel overwhelmed and tired.

I want to spend more time with my feet in the sand and enjoy every moment.

There are days where this thought seems simply impossible, yet we can choose to change our mindset. I know, I’ve been there.

So what’s it going to be? Do you have your feet in the sand enjoying the nice warm sunshine of life? Or is your head stuck in the sand with darkness all around you?

How are you going to choose to deal with today? I’m choosing to put my feet in the sand and enjoy today!


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