*SUPER EASY* Brown Sugar Hand Scrub!

Hey there! I hope is well will all of you today!

I am preparing a Brown Sugar Hand Scrub for a group of young ladies. I’m so excited to get to talk to such a fine group of 11 and 12-year-old gals! We are discussing beauty on the inside and outside. A Christian Charm Course!

We are focusing on face and hands tonight! Primarily skin. How do we take care of our skin? What are the best things we can do to promote healthy skin as we age. We want to look healthy right?

Well, to make the night a fun one I thought it would be fun to create something that we can make at home, or even for gifts later on that is easy to pull together…and great for our hands.

With this dark winter weather upon us, our hands take a beating whether outside in the frosty wind or just by washing the dishes…can I hear amen?

Here is a super easy, practical, and inexpensive way to have soft hands and reduce the dryness. You can find the ingredients right in your kitchen cupboard.

Brown Sugar Scrub

(made to fill a 14 oz jar)

1 cup white sugar 

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

12 drops vanilla

*Mix altogether and Ta-Da (as my 4-year-old says after pretending a magic trick)

You now have a super fabulous smelling product that you can keep by your kitchen sink…or bathroom sink…or wherever you please…

I would recommend applying some lotion after using scrub just to be sure to seal in the moisture into your hands.

You can make your jar special by tying a ribbon, putting a special tag on it…what ever you like

I  just tied a ribbon around the neck of the jar to make it pretty…just for fun.

Enjoy, and I hope you fall in love with this quick and easy fix for dry hands!


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