What Gift Are You Hiding From?

Do you have God given gifts that you are too embarrassed or shy to reveal to the world. It’s amazing how easy it is to hide behind a gift that God’s given you. There is so much emphasis on competition in this world that it makes it nearly impossible to share your gift without feeling judged or competed against.

In your mind you think ” So in so is better at such and such then I am , It’s not even worth trying”!
Believe me! I’ve felt that way my whole life!
As I’ve grown up ( I think I have anyway), I’ve begun to realize how unimportant it really is to worry over whether or not your gift measures up….
Singing in front of a crowd has always been a struggle for me regardless of my love for music. I’ve sung so many times, yet the fear of disapproval has always hung over my head.
Prayer has been golden! Before I sing and as I sing I am praying! It’s been my lifeline! It’s what gets me through!

I asked my Pastor once “Do you ever get nervous preaching or teaching in front of the church?
He replied ” I don’t get nervous doing that because it’s what God wants me to do, so I just do it”!
What a fantastic thought, and it’s so true!
I want nothing but to be that very thing….God centered and God led, not self centered and concerned about outward appearances and fear of personal failure.

Honestly friends, if God’s given you a gift use it! Use it for Him! Ask Him what he wants you to do with your gift, or gifts.
Fame isn’t the ultimate goal, although the world would have you believe that!
Use your gift! Whether it’s a musical gift, writing, teaching, preaching, there are more gifts than I can even begin to write.

Quit hiding out behind your gifts……pick up your gift….open it…be thankful for it…and use it for Him.


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