That Story Again?

We awoke Christmas morning, ate breakfast and dressed up to worship at the Livengood Grandparents church for Christmas morning service. After a few Christmas choir selections and some congregational singing of Christmas Hymns there was a children’s story time.

Our two oldest boys walked up the the front , sat quietly and listened to the Nativity story around the storyteller on the platform steps.
After the story all the children were directed to go back to their parents and sit.
Both our boys walked back and sat beside their Father.
Our oldest son looked at his Father and with a very serious expression and whispered “Daddy, why did she tell that story? Everybody knows that one!
Both embarrassed and amused, my husband held his composure hoping no one around him heard the question that was stated and could have been heard by the row in front or behind them.
Initially I found the situation quite humorous but then started to really think about his question.
Why that story again? Really? Why? Everybody knows that one!

As I began to think I realized that there are so many that have never heard the story of Christ’s birth or that it was completely for them. They have not been given the opportunity to hold a Bible in their hands or even to be told the Nativity story.
 I’ve heard that story more times than I can count. My children have heard it numerous times already in their very few years of living.
I started thinking” Do I take for granted hearing or reading the story of Christ coming to earth for me”? After hearing it hundreds of times?
I think I do.

So many have not heard the Good News of Christ birth, though who have, have the responsibility to share it. I have a responsibility to share it!

It wasn’t just another time of celebration of a new baby’s birth although those times are so exciting, so anticipated and unforgettable, yet this birth was like no other.

Let’s not take for granted this Miracle story of a Virgin birth. Mary, visited by Angel of the Lord. Given a grand gift and responsibility to raise a Savior, the Savior that would save us.

Let’s not forget the Shepherds visited by a huge choir of angels that then informed them of the Saviors birth . The Magi that were led by a star that hung overhead the Saviors birthplace.

The Plan God had for His only Son. What a story! Let’s not forget, nor take for granted this amazing story of love.

  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.
                                            Mark 16:15


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