The Orange Pomander

The  Orange Pomander

I wanted to share a simple craft with you that is sure to create wonderful smells around your house at Christmas time!
All you will need for this ornament is:


I would recommend using an small nail or pin to punch holes in your orange in the spaces for the cloves. Often the skin is tough and difficult to break with the clove alone, and your fingers will not be happy when your done if you attempted to go it alone.
I had very sore fingers from the spikes on the cloves after my first attempt. I learned my lesson quickly!

Once your cloves are in place you can wrap the orange any way you like. I wrapped it this way in order to hang. You may also make many of these and place them in a large bowl or glass container to show off their beauty without the twine.

You can make many different designs with your cloves or even replace the orange with a lemon.

There are so many way to decorate these wonderful ornaments.

If you are interested in the origin of the Pomander, it’s history stems bank to the Renaissance times.



One thought on “The Orange Pomander

  1. Thanks for the memories! I did this with my kids when they were small. We covered the entire orange and I think the cloves preserve it when you do that because it never spoiled.

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