Ready….Set……Where’s My Go?

Do you ever find yourself on auto pilot? Running
 about the house…preparing…doing…getting…forgetting…doing again….and finally done. (We think things are done, but really there is always more, right?)

Often as I am gathering things up that need to be picked up…put away..or taken with me….I realize that I am clearly in a never ending cycle like a hamster  running in it’s wheel.

Although this is often the case I still find the task of Homemaker very rewarding. I love to see the outcome of a freshly cleaned house, a newly made bed and a fresh scent that lingers in our home.

My difficulty lies in the Ready…Set… Go of the day!

To accomplish all of this…and get dressed…and to make sure the children are ready…and to just get out the door to whatever appointment or place we’ve planned to go that day is the BIGGEST challenge.
Once the children respond that YES in fact they are dressed…teeth brushed..and beds made…
I often discover their seems to be a large crack in the preparedness of our readiness…..
Maybe…no underwear on a particular child…..a church shirt with sweat pants (maybe it’s just my issue of embarrassment for me)…..or the never ending cycle discovering the children have not finished their list of things to do….
“Go to the door and put your shoes and jacket on please”. I say. Four minutes later I approach the door. One child clearly missed the directions….no shoes…sitting but playing with some miscellaneous toy or teasing his brother.
Another….no shoes….playing piano….another child…putting on his BIG brothers shoes that will clearly trip him due to the largeness on their size compared to his little feet. (At least he tried, right?)
This my friends is the cycle! We Get Ready….We Get Set…and then somewhere in the midst of all the preparation we loose our ability to Go!
Can you relate to this? Just going to the store….church….anywhere…just going….
I hope you can find your Go today and that the preparation of your day goes smoothly.
To all those Enlisted in this Life of Motherhood….Good Luck to you Ladies!
I will be praying for you!


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