The Glowing of Advent Candles

Today I wanted to share with you
a craft we did here in our home this Christmas season. An Advent Wreath!
The concept itself came from, but we added a bit of our own personality to it.
My eldest son was the most excited about this activity and even make the beautiful scissor cut stars to decorate around the candles.

We used:

5 toliet paper rolls
1 paper plate
purple, pink, and white construction paper for covering the candles
and green (for leaves), yellow  (for flames),   construction paper
assorted scrapbooking paper to accent with different leave colors, just for fun…
5 popsicle sticks (to glue the flame to)
and of course….glue! said to paint the toilet paper rolls. We chose to 
cover them with paper. It was less time consuming and definentely less messy!
I would highly reccomend this craft to you!

I hope that you are able to spend a little time with the little hands in your house making Christmas crafts.
It’s a fantastic way to make memories.


2 thoughts on “The Glowing of Advent Candles

  1. Thank you friend! It was a lot of fun to make! I saw The Truth of Tinsel recently and thought about getting it! I may need to check it out again=)

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