The "Gravity" of the Situation

As the boys and I were finishing up lunch today I asked them what they would really like for Christmas. My 4 year old lept at the chance to answer. “I would like a slide the goes up to the moon amd all the way back down earth again”!
All I could think was “How am I going to explain this one”?
My normal response would be “Sweetheart, that costs more than we have” or the other usual one “Think about it, you might change your mind and decide on something else”. Unfortunately niether response applied.
This time I rethought what I was to say for a little while longer than my regular “go to” phrases.
I hated to burst his bubble and inform him that it was impossible without stomping on his wonderful imagination.
What should I say to encourage his imagination while explaining the facts.
Before I had time to respond, my tremendously cautious and serious about everything 7 year old blurted out “You can’t do that, you would fall to earth and die”! “Gravity would pull you down off of the slide”!

Well, needless to say I tried to clean up the “death” issue and discussed why we don’t speak that way to our little brother and somewhere in the middle of it created some sort of a science lesson of sorts on “Gravity”.

As I was cleaning up lunch and watching the welcomed falling snow out our kitchen window I was reminded of how wonderful it is to think like a child.
To use ones imagination in such a fun and creative way.
So often I get so caught up in daily tasks that require household labor or child rearing that I forget to allow the fun to creep in. Often the enjoyment tends to lye around the edges of whatever I might be involved in.
I’m ready for a change, how about you?

Imagination, what a horrible thing to waste!


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