Wonderful Memories

It is the Christmas season once again.
The trees are up, the lights twinkling and the smell of baked goods and comforting sounds of Christmas music playing. These always bring wonderful memories to my thought process.
I can think way back to the days of Christmas caroling at homes wearing mittins and scarves. It seemed it was never too cold to Christmas carol. I loved the look of pure joy we recieved from folks whom had never expected such a gift right outside their front door.
Afterward we’d head indoors, remove our outerwear and sip on hot chocolate. That wonderful warmth of the contents in that pipeing hot cup seemed so comforting to a cold body. What a special time that was sharing ourselves with others and showing God’s love.

I recall one year our family was tremendously low on funds….just enough to pay the necessary bills. That year there would be no Christmas tree and very few presents to speak of. In spite of the lack of material items within our Christmas celebration no one really seemed to mind.
My parents took us to a free College Christmas concert close to our home. We drove around and looked at all the beautiful lights that others had worked tirelessly to put up. I loved every second.
I have wonderful memories of that Christmas.

After thinking on this particular Christmas, I was reminded of how important it is that we teach our children the true meaning of Christmas. To appreciate the little things…which in our hearts and minds stand out as being very big things.
The babe born in the manger, what an amazing gift! The most amazing gift of all. To give the gift of ourselves to others is priceless. To share the Gospel to another life, undeniably the most precious gift.

A toy will often be forgotten although fun to recieve. Memories made together as a family will forever live on. We really don’t need things…they are nice to have…but the heart..that’s where the warmth of memories begin. When we first seek God he will lead us and provide what we need. How loving a kind to us He is!
Give of yourself, a listening ear or a kind word. Share what you have, your love, time, or material things. Whatever God puts on your heart to give.

There are so many things we can do for others this season. Visiting a nursing home and passing out cards. Christmas caroling to neighbors or shut-ins. Contributing to somone elses Christmas(angel tree, Operation Christmas Child,etc.)There are so many ways to share God’s love this Christmas.
As a family family, meet the needs of someone in prayer who may be struggling emotionally, financially or spiritually this season.
I desperately want to make this season a memorable one for our family by giving the gift that will go on for generations. God’s love!


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