A Heart of giving…..

After attempting to join the crowds for Black Friday(which I’d never done before, what an experience), I realized how sad of a season this must be for so many. I’m not even refering to those who might be alone, or sick or hungry. We pray for those in need and attempt to provide through charities and church giving organizations. What I am refering to are those fighting over items to buy in stores, those who think those purchases are the only way to have a great Christmas. The “MUST BUY” items of the season are fought over like a war is on. It’s truly frightening to me.
We have truly lost the JOY of the season. There were very few shoppers that I found were kind and polite. Most pushed through like people were invisible.
It’s not about things, it’s about HIM!I have felt tremendously budened for people who seem so lost.
I love giving at Christmas, and certainly it’s enjoyable to recieve. My desire is to see others give with a heart of joy and not be a part of a angry mob of givers.It’s such a joy to shop for others, but with a heart and desire that isn’t so ugly.

Today was the first Sunday of Advent.
What a beautiful time of the year this is when we are able to focus on the true meaning of the season.
The first candle was lit today and represents Expectation or Hope. This brings attention to the anticipation of the coming King.
As we begin this season of celebration, may our hearts be filled with love and a desire to give that won’t go away. Pray that the Lord will direct you to somone who might be in need in some way. There are needs all around us.
What a great hope we have in our Savior. To have that promise is extraordinary!
I am so thankful that Jesus came as a baby to this God created world to save us from ourselves, our sin.
As we continue this Advent season, let’s be ever mindful of our attitudes and what we are reflecting through our actions and words.
Loving others is a gift in itself. Instead of fighting over purchases and pushing through lines with shopping rage,let’s give gifts that can be passed on to others in a beautiful way. With a loving heart that desires to give in a way that would please God.


One thought on “A Heart of giving…..

  1. Heard about your excursion this morning, how funny after all these years you would decide to go this weekend for your first taste of 'black friday' and you are right Liz, if only people would understand that the gifts we give today will be done tomorrow and that the real gift, the one that lasts forever we can't buy in a store for any amount of money! Love you dear sister!

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