Warm Memories

I remember back in grade school my Guidance Counselor talking to us about “Warm fuzzies” and “Cold Pricklies”. I think of those words when I describe good and bad memories.
My Mother has said she loves doing laundry(wish that would have passed down to me). She loves the smell! It reminds her of her Nanny (Grandmother). Her house was always very clean and her it smelled like fresh clean laundry all of the time. That created a “Warm Fuzzy” memory for her. She loved to visit and so enjoyed the time she spent with her Nanny.It always lifts her spirits to smell laundry being done, she thinks of your wonderful relationship with her Nanny.
I desperately want my children to have “Warm Fuzzy” memories that they caring with them through life.

A certain smell,object, picture, so many things it could be. It’s so interesting that really these things are only the link we have to what meant so much to us in the past.

Make your home a place to grow “Warm Fuzzy” memories.

There will always be frustrating moments, difficult to handle situations and sad “Cold Prickley” times. These things don’t have to be what we hold on to. Love is the key! Lots of hugs, kisses, reading books, kind words…so many things…time spent with love. Let’s create those “Warm Fuzzy” memories in our homes, so they will last a lifetime.

What are some of your “warm Fuzzy” memories?


One thought on “Warm Memories

  1. It's always so funny to me to hear people who love doing laundry and love cooking. Both of those things seem like so much work to me! LOL. But I do both and I'm grateful I can do both so I guess that's all that matters :).And yes, we're creating lots of "warm fuzzy" memories in my house :).

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