Potato Candy

Okay, so have you ever heard of potato candy or eaten it before? I had not “suprisingly”. My father is of Pennsylvania Dutch origin and I know quite a few of the foods he grew up with, but not this one.

I just had to try it!
My boys and I attempted it and loved it! Though very sweet, it melts in your mouth!

After some research I had discovered that potato candy is either of Irish or German descent. The Pennsylania Dutch made it quite often too. Back in the early 1900’s Confectioners started using potatos as filler in their foods. It was a good starchy bland food that added a wonderful consistency and flavor to confections they made. Also, some say potatos were used originally in baking so not to waste potatos that might have otherwise gone bad.

If you are up to the challenge here is the recipie that I used!


one medium, cooked mashed potato (instead of mashed potatoes, 4 oz of cream cheese may be used)
(I cheated and used instant mashed potatos, just enough flakes to make stiff mashed potatos)
1 tablespoon of butter
dash of Vanilla
1 lb. powdered sugar
peanut butter


1) Make mashed potatoes and keep to dough-like consistency, similar to pie dough. (instead of mashed potatoes, soften 4 oz cream cheese and one tablespoon of butter).

2) Add a dash of vanilla and one lb. of powdered sugar to potatoes.

3) Roll out on wax paper using some flour so dough won’t stick. Dough is a little easier to work with if chilled before rolling out.

4) After you have rolled out to a smooth dough and to desired thickness, spread with peanut butter.

5) Then roll up and slice into pieces of candy. You can also roll into small individual rolls. Refrigerate and slice.

Enjoy Friends!


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