Ms. Bobbins and Her Trees

Matthew and Jared Young were looking for some willing participation in the screening and review of a new film they have produced and commisioned by the TBN(Trinity Broadcasting Network).
The title of the film is “Ms. Bobbins and Her Trees”. Matthew and Jared have also developed a very close working relationship with Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales. They are currently working on a variety show that will debut in 2012 on Vischer’s new JellyTelly network season.
Our family is a HUGE fan of Jelly Telly, so when asked to review something in relation to it,I agreed immediately.

This film was very whimsicle, colorful, and also had some dark elements.
My 7 year accompanied me in front of the computer to watch this not yet released film.
We both thought it was very funny in a silly sort of way. We enjoyed their gift of humor!
The brother duo played in the film played off of eachother very well, and we found ourselves giggleing quite a bit.
Although it is a very good movie, I would not recommend it for small children. Ms. Bobbins is not a nice woman (not meant to be) and creates a very dark character(suppose to come across that way) which my son thought was very scary. The movie is based on dealing with hurt and sadness around Christmas time. A good theme, and well played out.

All of that said, some children are more sensitive than others, so I would recommend to just use your own discretion on whether your child in ready for a darker formated film.
It is a wonderful movie that will be loved and enjoyed by many=)

All in all, we enjoyed the film very much. When I ask my son what his favorite part was he said “The End”. Of course I wanted to know why=)
He responded” Everyone was happy at the end”. I hope you get a chance to see and enjoy this great movie=)

If you are interested in the film or other information relating to the
makers of the film, you can find it at:


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