There is a Purpose!

I love my boys dearly! They are more precious to me than just about anything I can think of. Only God and my husband come before them.
Yet, there are those days that I loose my patience…I want to go to my room and hide in my closet. Now, I know that sounds a little dramatic, but that’s just me. When there is too much whinning,fussing or confusion, I often feel like I may just loose it.I have to rememer to discipline with love and not show myself in anger.
Thankfully, if I have a few moments to gain my composure, I can generally hop back on board the Mommy train.
I am reminded (once again)of God’s patience with me. He puts up with an awful lot from me! My stubborness, and well let’s just say there is quite a long list, I am sure of it!

The days are filled with instruction,schooling,discipling, feeding, bathing…you name it, we as Moms do it…right?
Just remember God has a plan for all of this. He is using us to build His kingdom. He needs us to nurture leaders for Him.
As many hats as we wear, Wife, Mother ,daughter, friend….and maid=)
He has a reason and purpose for all of it.
So when you get discouraged and want to run and hide from noise and confusion, remember…there is a reason for all of it. In time we will see it….just have faith…He is in control..we just need to relingquish it.

Those little fingerprints we clean off our windows will one day not be there. They will be big hands that hopefully will be leading others tho the Lord and discipling others as they grow.

There is purpsose to it all.

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.
~Philippians 1:6


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