God’s Bounty

The leaves, the crisp air, and calmness that wraps around the Fall season. I love all these things. I am reminded through so many ways of God’s bounty.
He is forever giving and forever loving. Look at all we’ve been given.
There are days we look at the deficit of things in our lives. Really just look, look around you. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the friends and family we share all of this with.
The original Thanksgiving celebration was 3 whole days! Not one meal…but 3 days. The Pilgrims were so thankful for what the Lord had gotten them through in that past year. The voyage on a ship and a cold harsh winter.
They had very litte, but celebrated the bounty God had gifted them with.
There was a tremendous lacking in material possesions, but the had God, eachother, and enough food to eat.
Today when you see the beautiful leaves and smell the crisp air, think of how fortunate we really are. The bounty of life, so precious.


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