Forgiveness(Part 3) God’s Faithfulness

Fast forward to the year 2001. I was attending Cosmetology school after I’d attended college. It was the end of the school year and I was about to graduate and get married all in one week.
I had been praying for months that the Lord would deliver me from my anger towards the woman I’d never met.The woman who tried to kill my father. I remember thinking what I would do to her if I’d ever met her. What would I do? I didn’t know. I just knew I wanted hatred, hurt and anger ripped from my heart. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to begin a marriage with baggage like that. I wanted peace!
It was no particular afternoon, just a normal walk-in afternoon for people to come to have their hair done at the school.
The day was almost over, but I had one more customer. She sat in the shampoo chair and we began chatting. She seemed like the kind of lady who’d had a rough life. She needed some encouragement,and her face shown of a hard past. We talked at length about different things. I told her my name, who I was and where I was from. She told me she’d been helping with a ministy in a local church and had found the Lord a few years prior. She was working down the street at a local store on the same street as my school.
As we talked I was pleased to take my time, feeling as though she really needed the extra attention.
After I finished her cut and style she said she had to pay but would return to give me my tip.
I swept up the hair on the floor, and pick up my things. She approached me and asked if she could speak with me in the sitting area.
I walked behind her and she stopped and turned around and stood closely facing me. She said she had something to tell me. She looked tremendously nervous and uncomfortable. She looked me straight in the eyes and said “I am the person who hit your father, and I am so sorry”.
At that very moment everything stopped. I felt peace…it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I looked at her , knowing it had been so brave of her to tell me who she was. She didn’t now what I would do.
I said “I forgive you, people have been praying for you for years and we love you, it’s alright”. She burst into tears, suprisingly I didn’t and I felt as though I was there to comfort her. After we hugged and she left I stood for just a moment and felt the overflow of emotion ready to flood my whole self. I ran to the restroom and sat and cried for a long while. My prayers had been answered. Not in the way I ever would have expected. The way the Lord wanted it to happen. As soon as I gained my composure, I called my father and told him that she had accepted Christ! What he’d prayed for, for years.
He shouted “PRAISE THE LORD” very loudly. He was overcome as well.
All I can tell you after the years of hurt and anger is that the feeling of release, the presence of forgiveness was so precious.
I don’t know why things occur in our lives, why they have to hurt. I do know that the Lord is there in a mighty way. He is there to pick us up when we fall, carry us if we can’t walk, and love us when we feel unlovable.
Forgiveness is key! The Word says that to been forgiven by HIM we must forgive.
I am sad for the pain my father deals with still today, but so thankful that the Lord can use anything for His glory and does!
My father is a miracle man but I also know that that day God performed a miracle in my own personal life. He healed my emotional wounds like he had healed my father physical wounds. The wounds of the heart can be mended.
Forgiveness is amazing.


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