Forgiveness (Part 2)

After the first week and a half of my father laying in a bed, totally under anastesia he’d survived but was still in horrible condition. The doctors had thought early on that both his left arm and leg would have to be removed, they were so badly damaged. His back was broken, numerous ribs, and serious trauma to many other areas. It was a miracle that there was life still left in his body. I remember holding his hand, talking him, just praying he could hear me. I had been left broken, and was dealing with it the only way I knew how. The morning of his accident we had argued. I can’t even recall what it was about at all. I wanted so bad to apoligize, to tell Daddy I was so sorry and I just wanted him back.
News had come that the woman that had struck him had mental illness and had heard voices telling her to hit him. At 17, I’d never encountered a world like this.Such an ugly world.
She had not been arrested but turned herself into a mental facility for 24 our suicide watch. My father refused to press charges, but instead insisted that we pray for her. Pray for her healing and salvation. At the time, I wasn’t to quick to forgive. I was so angry inside!
I was so thankful for dear friends that cared for me during this time. My sweet friends that will alway remain family in my heart, took me in while my Father was hospitalized and my Mother remained at his side. If not for their love and compassion I wouldn’t have been able to handle anything. The Lord knew I needed family, and that’s what he sent in my friends. (I love you Pat)
After a few weeks the breathing tube was taken out to see if normal breathing was a possiblilty. The Lord was faithful! He breathed on his own.
Because of the medications for inducing the coma my father had hulosanations non stop. I was along while until he was able to think clearly.
When the accident occured, we’d been told if he made it, it would be months before he’d leave the hospital.Fast forward 3 weeks from then accident. He was transported to a in house therapy unit. He stayed there many weeks. He learned to do daily tasks fot the second time in his life. I saw him walk for the first time, using a walker he was able to walk slowly. He had to use a wheel chair most of the time throughout his day.
After a few months of therapy and a lot of prayer my father was able to come home. Walking with canes, he was determined to preach from the pulpit, and he did.
A few months later he’d somehow forgotten his canes and went to church without their assitance. He refused to go back to get them.He insisted, “If I got this far I don’t need them”. So many miracles took place, from the healing of pain in his knee with annointing, and the left arm that had been destroyed was healed. Surgically a rod had been placed to connect the elbow to the upper shoulder. Within a year the arm bone had overgrown. He had to have the rod removed and bone chipped away, for there was too much!
Yes, these miracles occured and more came following. This was just the beginning.


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