Forgiveness (Part1)

Back in 1996 I was 17 years of age. That was the year I was greeted with a not so friendly reminder. The reminder that those we love aren’t always going to be there, and that we are not immortal. I was in school, I believe it was a Tuesday morning, and I was sitting in choir class. My name came over the intercom, and I was told to come to the office. As I walked near the office I looked through the glass that covered the whole front of the room. Standing there was not my Mother or Father, but a gentleman from the church my father pastored. The man looked at me and in his eyes I could tell it wasn’t good news. “Your father has been in an accident” he said. Right away I replied, “Is he okay?” Did he total the car?” Immediatley he looked at me and said ” He wasn’t driving his car, he was walking”.Right away I felt a dream like feeling, as if none of this was real. We walked out to the car, my grandfathers car was sitting there. Inside, my Mother, Grandma and Grandpa and the gentleman that came to get me. He drove us to the hospital that my Father had been airlifted to by helicopter. Soon there were all sorts of reports from doctors, telling us numerous physical issues and potential loss of life.
As we went to the waiting room, people starting pouring in, hugging us, praying, crying with us. I remember feeling very numb, just not believing what had happened. The doctor walked in to consult with my mother. “Ma’am, we’ve lost your husband three times already and have gotten his heart rate back up and if he continues to respond this way, he will not make it”. Wow! How is one supposed to absorb so much. The situation was in fact that he had been hit with a car at 55 MPH while he was walking, and it was on purpose. Yes….on purpose. This was the beginning of my walk with forgiveness. Learning truly what it was, and it’s resolve. This was a time of my life I’ll never forget.


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