Today we began our “Wonderful Wednesday” with quiet play and Bible reading.
I was the one reading my Bible, while the 3 boys were attempting to play blocks quietly. Be reminded, I did say”attempted” to play quietly.
They all had different ideas of what they were going to build.
My 7 year old was trying to build something sort of resembling the White House, my 4 year old wanted a car ramp, and my 1 1/2 year old wanted to knock everything over. 3 great ideas at 1 time = confusion and impatience.
I was reminded of my ever constant attempts to be patient with my surroundings as a Mother and wife.
As I watched this scene play out as arguing began and the blocks came tumbling down through the process, this is how our lives tend to work daily.
During the day, it seems one block at a time will fall off the masterpiece we’ve tried so hard to build. The perfection we expect in our lives, and desire for all things in their place, to remain in their place. This includes attitudes, manners, and of course our homes as a whole.
Of course there are the occasional days that the blocks all come tumbling down in one big pile…or sometimes it feels as though that is your whole day….a consatnt tumling of blocks.
To sum all this up…in this one moment I had a fantastic reminder of how much patience God has with me. With my lack of perfection and my constant impatience He reveals in His word his TOTAL patience and LOVE He has for me. He desires for us to have patience with one another as well.

Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus. – Romans 15:5

So when the blocks of life come crashing down around us, although we may not be able to place them back where we want them, God may have other plans to build something new of your life. Have patience, be open to His plan for your life. With each block tower that tumbles, we can grow and we can learn.I pray the blocks of your life have the Lords hand on each one.


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