Johnny Appleseed Fun!

This week we will be adding a unit to our normal homeschool studies.
We’re going to be talking and learning about Johnny Appleseed. There is so much to learn about this wonderful man, and so must history. Here are a few books that we have read and will be using in our study.

This specific book os a beautiful book of oil paintings, and it tells a story through poetry. We picked this up at the Library and were able to get the Audio version. SUPER BOOK!

Also, we’ll be doing some activities this week. Tomorrow will be an adorable Apple Craft. It is made from a paper bag and some other materials. Very easy.

Here is where you can find it:

Also here is a recipie for Spiced Apple Chips that we will be attempting this week ☺

Here is where you can find it:,1810,155177-242204,00.html

Enjoy Friends!


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