Picking the right "FRUIT"

Are you living intentionally? Is there purpose in what you do everyday? Do your actions and words match up? These are questions that I ask myself often.
We have a long running joke about my Mother’s ability to yell and deal with us in a loud frustrated manner. Next the phone rings and you hear from the other room very sweetly “Hello, how may I help you”? Even though it’s funny, it’s true! It’s true of my actions as well. I believe most of us as Mothers deal with this situation more than we realize!
I find myself reminded often while getting angry with my children. When I discipline am I using respectful words? Or am I just angry? Would I talk to my nieghbor that way? Maybe I care to much about what people think of me to act that way in public. Then why don’t I care what my children think? Hasn’t God giving us these children to raise and mold before HIM.
Okay, enough questioning myself. Really though, what is the message we are sending to our children? Let’s live intentionally! With meaning, purpose and value!
Teach your children how to love and respect through our own lives and example. Be aware, be ready, and be equiped with scripture and prayer. When we have the WORD embedded in our hearts and minds, we can be ready for the battles that seek to conquer us. Pray for self control! Pray for kindness! Be reminded of the Fruits of the Spirit we should seek to live out(Galatians 5:22-23). Let’s live intentionally!
Make sure you pick the right “Fruit”, and live it out. Be blessed today ladies!


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