The Quilt of Life

Throughout our lives we as Mothers are pulled in so many directions, and play so many different roles. Like a rag quilt we fray, we look aged at times. With lack of sleep, often bad eating habits, and no time for exersize, we are destined to be impatient or short with those we love in our lives. So many different squares in our quilt, so many
parts to play. Yet if our souls aren’t filled by God’s word daily, and our physical selves aren’t exersized the squares of our quilt with remain many, but lack quality and the vibrant shades of color that they are destined to have. Be reminded that God made you with a very special purpose. Whatever that purpose may be, no amount of anti-aging products, or make-up can cover what’s in your heart and mind. Feed your heart and mind with good things, Godly things and most of all HIS word. Days can be rough, fraying you to your last thread. Allow each square of your life’s quilt to have purpose and value. You are someone, and you are valued!


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