A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Chappell

While Ryan was on his 3rd trip to Mexico, my folks came to visit.
They arrived super late Sept. 9th and stayed until the 13th.
While they were here they took Jake out and purchased him a new bike for his 3rd birthday.
His birthday isn’t until October 19th, but because the baby could come around that time (due the 25th)they chose to give it to him early. He had a blast learning to ride it and being with his Grandparents. He even helped Grandpa mow the lawn with his little mower.
Even though they live 4 hours away they always make time for us and we really appreciate that.
They were a great help to us that week.
We love it when they come to visit!


Idlewild Trip

On Wednesday, August 24th we went with some friends to Idlewild in PA.
Jacob had a friend along and have a blast, and we did too.
This was our one big thing for the summer that we did as a family.
It was a very kid friendly amusement park with lots of rides, shows and
even a storybook forest. It was great!
We were exhausted when we returned home, but it was well worth it.